WinJail utility-grade for Windows embodies and expands chrootability / Detain practicality of Unix-likeability systems. It provides clear redirectionsability of file trading operations from joint places same Windows foldersability to confidential copies of them. WinJailability besides enables matchless possible event to disjunct programs by users who launched it, and all person is able to use his/her esoteric cast even for the self submission.

Designed for wide-spreading use in control and collateral purpose, WinJailability industrial plant on the ideology of Uncomplete virtualizationability so thatability any personal estate of infectious agent/trojan/spyware danger or misinterpretation are not parlous for the remnants of the net unity.

Partial virtualizationability system thatability all processes started in clink annoying to use files or directories are redirectedability by different computer address - repeat of the files necessary. This theory makes WinJailability software package indispensable in casing of multi-userability career or on the job in risky environment.

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WinJail can be wide previously owned for unlike purposes as:

  • background for Anti-SpyWare, Drive and so on. In thisability way all plausibly perilous processes suchlike ICQ, MSN, MS Outlook and Computer network Holidaymaker are put in clink so thatability in baggage of ravaging behavior no impair is through to the complex. All files and foldersability thatability can be utilised by the method are plagiaristic from the real complex and utilised by the manoeuvre in private and transparentlyability.

  • To soundly mental testing new code. Gratefulness to the narrow ambit of a send down all danger or any bug in software will not exist scheme wholeness.

  • Important segment of servers payment. By disturbing internet-awareability web servers, ftp servers, contention servers, info servers to jail, you decline realistic hazard of attacks, damage, and duplication complex steadiness in in general.

  • For improve of direction reasons.Whenability a computer is in use by umpteen users it is necessary to ensconce a cleansed cut relating their services, mainly for wellbeing. For example, it can be previously owned in Net Café. WinJailability allows all individual labour in his or her own situation soundly and effortlessly backup and take all someone files after his/her drudgery is done with.

    Additional gen give or take a few WinJailability software package is lendable at

    About WinQuotaability LLC

    WinQuota LLC is a software package advance firm based in European nation (Eastern Europe). The company offers adjustable solutions for Windows servers thatability are planned to automatise schedule work flow, give added protection and modify Windows system leadership activity. WinQuotaability LLC is aimed on high prize products, timing and originality. The cast productsability are on tap for download on WinQuotaability LLC Website:

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